Wednesday, July 3, 2013

and moving..

.  I licked my lips and discovered I was bleeding, probably from the bite, but I didn’t feel it much.  I wiped my out with the my arm.


Master Bryn came up to me an was like inches away, I was looking up at him he grabbed the cuffs with one hand and with the other held my face and asked “are we done playing? Are you going to do as I say now?”  I said “no”.  he let go of my face and took me by the cuffs to the bookcase.


I was facing away from it now and he raised my arms up and hooked the cuffs to something high.  I was stretched out and could barely move.  I felt the bookcase shelves against my back.  I tried to get lose, twisted around a little and found out there wasn’t much I could do.  I tried to see what I was hanging from, but it the dim lighting didn’t help.


Master Bryn went to his toy box and came back to me he opened up a big pocket knife, I could see it shimmer a little.  My breath was caught in my throat and I heard people at the door, whispers and gasps.  I was afraid to even swallow; I didn’t want to miss a thing.  He came up so close and whispered in my ear, “this little bunny is caught, helpless in my trap, nowhere to go now.  DO NOT MOVE little bunny!”   He took the blade to my shoulder and I felt the cold back of the blade against my skin as he snapped one bra strap, and then the other.  He then stood in front of me and stared at me with a look that feels like someone is looking straight into your soul.  He took the knife and in a quick smooth move cut through the front of the bra and it fell to the ground.  He then took the back of the knife blade and ran It slowly down from my chest to my stomach giving me shivers.  I was trying hard not to move.


He then knelt down on one knee, and grabbing my hips pulled so close to me I could feel his hot breath on my panties.  He hissed at me, “I can smell you”.  I just wanted to scream now I could not contain myself but I stayed put.  He quickly cut through the sides of the g-string and yanked it off so hard it made me move a bit, making my shoulders and arms even more sore.   


Master Bryn then went back to his box, and came back with something else.  He had rope now, he tied my ankles together, this took a few minutes, I could feel the rope going around and securing my ankles.  He said, “time to go now little one”.  He unhooked me from the top and slung me over his shoulder.  I didn’t do anything about it, I had no idea what was next.  He walked off with me and all I could see was the floor as he walked.


When he put me down we were in another room, he put me down in front of the St Christopher’s cross.  He clicked one of the chains to my cuffs and told me to stay there.  Like I had a choice!  He came back with a pretty girl hauling our toys.  She looked young, not fat but not skin and bones either, soft blond hair to her shoulders and brown eyes.  She set up the boxes on a couple of chairs and opened them for him.  She just stood by with her hands clasped in front of her and looked down.  He came up to me and offered me some cool water, it felt so good.  I gulped down some of it as I looked at him, and saw a warm smile, like a father watching their child play.  He took the glass of water and handed it to the blond girl, then turned back to me.


He now undid my cuffs, turned me around so I was facing the cross and then secured my wrists to the proper cuffs on the cross.  He came up from behind me and put one hand around my neck and pulled back a little, asked me “who’s your Master now?”  I said “nobody is my Master!”.  He let go of my neck and I felt a hard smack on my butt.  I started swearing loudly I received another smack.  It was then I realized it was a cane he was using.  That stings!!  I couldn't even kick back at it or move.  I just kept swearing as he continued.  He asked "did you have enough?"  I answered "never!".   I think that was a reflex, from drill sergeants asking the same thing, we were trained to always answer "never!" and ask for more.  Gee, what was I thinking?  My ass was on fire now.  But somehow he had stopped.  I felt his arms around me, I don't know why I thought I was going to get a hug, and then I felt him hard against my butt right behind me.   To my surprise, he clamped on some nipple clamps on me.  Now I was really swearing and as he tried to get his face beside mine and close to my face, I tried to bite him.  This was maddening, how was I so mad and aroused at the same time?  I felt my wetness trickling down my thighs slowly.  I was so angry about not being able to move, I couldn't kick him or bite him either. 

He then told me I was being difficult and very naughty.  Next thing I hear was a "whoosh", then I felt the bite of the tails on a flogger.  It felt great, don't get me wrong, I love pain, I just hate being told what to do.  It makes me mad when someone tries to impose their will on me. 

After a what seemed a good while, the pain from the flogger started fading and it was just bliss for the next few minutes.  The sound of people whispering faded into the background and all I could hear now was Lords of Acid playing and the sound of the different floggers being used on me.  I had stopped struggling a while ago. 

Suddenly it all stopped, and I felt his hot breath near my right ear.  "I think you had enough".  I couldn't say anything, he released me from the cross and let me sit on the ground.  He sat behind me and gently took my ponytail down and ran his fingers through my hair.  I felt so tired all of a sudden, but so good.

He whispered to me "You were so mad, that I was afraid to let you loose until you were worn out.  Are you ok?"  I nodded as I saw the petite blonde girl hand me a glass of cold water. 



First encounter

(I need to come back and edit this, please be patient)

If you met me you would know who I am.  I am a strong willed wild child with an innocent exterior, and a fiery interior.  Yes, one of those candies that are sweet on the outside and then bite you back when you get to the middle. 

I have been so involved in Facebook since I returned from deployment a few years ago.  Since my husband keeps deploying and I sit here alone, I connected with others through Facebook so I am not sitting here alone while I answer the phone every day at work. 

You see I work at home, I answer calls and interpret as I go, I do get a paycheck somehow for this.  At the end of my shift I find myself wondering why I put myself through this torture.  I end up stressed out and with an awesome headache sometimes. 

BDSM has been my outlet, I have a sub who is amazing and I have a place I go and play with others at.  Like an adult playground of sorts. 

Well, I met someone in one of the groups, a Dom who seems to have his shit together.  I have been talking to him and he seems to be knowledgeable, so I started talking to him more. 

The thing is, he has told me that since I am a female, I must have it in me to be submissive.  He asked why I fight it, why I would force myself to go against my nature and try to be dominant.  I told him time and time again I am not submissive in any way.  He doesn’t listen, thinks he knows it all. 

I started having phone conversations with him and I enjoy the challenge. 

Well our conversations turned from seeking advice from him to us talking about what would happen if we got together.  I explained I will not submit to anyone, but nice try.

I told him all he has to do is ask my husband and my sub, they can attest to my hard headed ways.

He kept flirting with me, in that way, teasing me with pain and telling me he could make me submit to him.  I told him to try me.   He laughed it off and said he will, just wait and see. 


Well it’s been a few weeks and suddenly one day he sent me a text saying he would be in town in 2 days.  I didn’t know what to say.  I was going over the possibilities in my mind.  I may enjoy a good tussle, I have not really let loose before and I thought the idea of it was more enticing than ever.  I have not seen my sub Larry in a month already so all I had was playtime at the dungeon once a week.


This sounds like a terrible idea, which makes it more enticing.  Going to meet a stranger, who insists they can make me be submissive to him for at least a while.  Well that sounds like a challenge to me.  I hear my words echo in my head “try me”.  The more I thought about it the more I wanted to go meet him.

Well, since he could be an axe murderer, I texted him back and asked him to show up at the dungeon in 2 days.


Those two days I drooled over the possibilities, I was hoping for what we both thought would happen.  A scene out of a movie: Mr and Mrs Jones.  I watched after he had mentioned, and had to watch it several times since.  I couldn’t hope for that much, but it was worth a try.


Friday came along, I was more than ready, the day seemed to drag on forever.  I talked to a couple of friends online and told them what I was about to do.  Just in case I go missing they know where to send a search party.  I also told 2 friends in town, and gave them the address of the dungeon.  Told them I would call when I was on my way home and then when I get home.  I should be leaving at 2 am and arriving at home before 3 am.  They were very kind in agreeing to this.  They did remind me I am crazy as a loon, but they said they believed I could handle this, just asked for me to be safe.


So I dressed up, first putting on a red bra and matching g-string.  After that, I put on a black miniskirt, paired white blouse and my stockings and patent leather boots as usual.  Pulled my hair up in a ponytail added just a little makeup. In a hurry now, I applied some cotton candy body spray on my way out,, grabbed the suitcase with my toys, locked up the house  and off I went.


When I arrived, there were only 3 cars in the parking lot, usually there would be around 10, it is a small place.  Seemed today was going to be slow, not crowded, which could be good, gives us more space and a little more privacy.  I took my toy suitcase out of the car, retouched my lipstick and headed inside.  I was greeted as usual by Master Jay, this time I had to explain that I had invited a guest and he would be in any minute now, I paid my fees and walked in. 


There were a couple of people in the kitchen area and two more in the main floor, just quietly chatting in a corner.  I put my toys in  the usual corner and headed to the kitchen area with the vodka bottle I brought, and fixed myself a drink as I chatted with the couple in the kitchen.  This time more than ever I felt I needed a drink.


As I was sipping on my drink I was called by Master Jay to the front.  He told me my guest had arrived and he was in the lobby.  I was so excited, just itching to let out some steam, and this had promised to be fun.  In the back of my head I heard a little voice telling me I must be crazy.  I waved it off and walked out to the lobby to meet Master Bryn for the first time in person.  It was a pleasant sight, something I didn’t quite expect.  He told me he was old, he didn’t look it.  He was a little taller than me, red hair with some grays, deep blue eyes, and freckles.  He was wearing a black long sleeve shirt, red tie and black slacks.  As I shook his hand I knew I was in trouble: my hear skipped a beat when I heard his voice.  He sounded much sexier in person, and I was melting, but I tried to look calm and cool.  Now the voice in the back of my head said  “you’re in shit!”.


I am not sure what he and Master Jay were talking about, it just became noise, I made myself focus.  I saw Master Bryn hand Master Jay his credit card, and told him there may be some damage to his property so he could hold on to the card to pay for any damage.  I think that just took my breath away, I felt a strange tingling in my tummy and had to fight the urge to run away.  Once they were done talking and Master Bryn was finished filling out paperwork, I led him inside and took him to the main room.  He also had a suitcase with what I would guess were his toys.  We set them next to mine and I asked if he would like a drink.  We walked to the kitchen and he made himself a drink.  I was nervously trying to make conversation and at the same time trying hard to stay cool calm and in control. 


The DJ was just arriving and setting up her music, when Master Bryn went up to her and whispered in her ear, handed her something in her hand which she proceeded to plug into the music system. Ah!  His music, yes, I like that, something lively for a change, some heavy metal always is welcome. 


I then walked with him to each of the rooms as he seemed to be assessing each one in his mind as we walked and chatted.  I was getting wet just thinking of the scenarios that had run through my head so many times before.


He stopped me and told me to get our toys, and bring them to this room, he had picked the one that looked like a daddy’s studio.  He said he didn’t need to see anymore, he wanted to stay in that room.  There was a small couch on the left side of the room, next to a spanking bench and then a lazy-boy across from the door and a bookcase on the right side.  In the far right corner there was a curtain, I never got around to finding out what was in there.


I walked away and came back with our toys.  As I did he walked up to me and I just froze.  It was his demeanor that was making me freeze up.  I was pretty sure this was not going as I expected.   He had just walked up to me with a determination that made me stop and stare, I didn’t dare breathe waiting for what was next.  But instead he grabbed his suitcase and set it on a chair near the door.


He gave me a look that gave me shivers, I think I was losing ground fast.  But just then, White zombie to the rescue!  I heard the music and regained my composure.  He took out a piece of rope and tried to grab my arm, he said “you are going to be my toy tonight”.  I jumped to the side and giggled; “missed me”.   We both knew what game we were playing.  He glared at me and told me “you will be mine!”  I answered : “in your dreams, I told you I am not a sub!”  He tried to walk around me and I kept turning, I felt like a bull in a bull ring, and my heart was pumping hard, I felt a rush coming in like a hurricane.  He lunged at me and grabbed me by my hair, spun me around and slammed my back onto the bookshelf.  I slid down, was dazed a little but made me mad, I rolled over and got up quick as I saw the rope in his hand so close to me.  I heard him swear under his breath and then I went and sat in the lazy boy, crossed my legs and waited. 


He came up to me, grabbed me by the shirt and plucked me right off of it.  Threw me on the couch face down, and sat on me keeping me there and told me: “you will learn to do as you are told!”.  I answered “make me!”  so he got up, held me there and proceeded to spank me.  He didn’t give me no warm up, he just smacked my ass hard, it was hot and it stung with each smack.  I started screaming and swearing,  after a few times it started to feel good so I started giggling.  He then tried to tie my wrists behind my back, I squirmed and kicked, then rolled off the couch and started trying to crawl away when I felt him grab my leg and pull.  I flipped over and started kicking, which now really aggravated him.  I was already facing up, he just dropped onto me and I found his eyes, glaring at me inches away, I stopped moving something in his eyes just made me stop.  He kissed me so softly that I thought I was going to lose my mind.  I put my arms around him and pulled him closer.  He bit me!  Then he backed up a bit and slapped me, so I slapped him back.  We kept this back and forth slapping thing a few times.  Then he got up and said “I am bored now”, as he turned around , I ran up to him from behind and jumped onto him like a little kid, putting one arm around his neck.  He bit my arm hard so I let go with a squeal.  He turned around and now he was laughing.  “That’s the spirit!”.


I must have looked like some wild animal, my blouse had come undone so I took it off and threw it aside, he backed up a little and took his tie off.  He went into his toys again and when he turned to me, I saw the sparkle of shinny handcuffs in his hand.  He said :  “I see rope is not your thing”.  He came to me and backed me up against the wall, grabbed me by the neck and squeezed hard, I stopped moving.  Somehow that feeling just makes me stop; it feels so amazing.  I felt him grab my wrist and heard a “click”, then he let go of my throat and clicked the other cuff and I was now officially caught.  Dang it!!


I was standing there trying to catch my breath when I noticed some people gathering at the entrance of the room, watching.  He then said “gotcha!”  I said “oh really?”  As I suddenly remembered my training as military police, I spun him around and he ended up with the chain between my cuffs on his throat and his back against the book case.  He looked quite surprised, I then put my knee on his crotch and squeezed.  I told him he had underestimated me.  Now what?  As he gasped for air, I thought maybe it would be a good idea to let him go.  So I did and backed up.  Told him “lesson number one: never cuff someone with their hands in front” .    He answered “Noted” and coughed as he regained his composure.  Now we both looked a little wild, I still think my hair looked worse, because by now the scrunchie had fallen off and I looked like something nested in my hair.   I didn’t care; I was so turned on now that I wasn’t sure which way to go with it.